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Tips For Cleaning Your BBQ


No matter how big you love to eat BBQ dishes, you will hardly like to clean a BBQ device. In fact, every owner has a stressful time in cleaning their BBQ. This article will provide some insights, which can surely make BBQ cleaning much easier and quicker than before. First, we should look into the list of things not to do in BBQ cleaning. You may also read here, to find out more details about a good grill. Before you begin your summer grilling, read the safety tips given at https://www.cpsc.gov/Newsroom/News-Releases/1997/CPSC-Releases-Grill-Safety-Tips/

You should never use harsh chemicals for cleaning your BBQ grill. This is because harsh chemicals can leave residues, which can affect the quality of BBQ for next few times. The harsh chemicals can also affect the stainless steel and other components of your BBQ. You should also avoid using rubber gloves during BBQ while cooking in summer. The given tip is applicable for both stationary and portable grills for picnics as well.

Stainless steel finish in BBQ gives a premium look. However, keep in mind that this finish can be easily scratched and stained when not taken care properly. You should always avoid using harsh chemicals on the stainless steel finish. It is highly recommended to use gentle soap and warm water to clean the polished surface and thoroughly rinse with the surface with clean water. If the stainless steel surface is stained, then you should use non-abrasive scrubbers. Using wire brushes and steel wool should be avoided at any cost.

You should avoid using aluminum foil to trap the heat inside the BBQ. This type of technique may be good for older model BBQ. Most modern BBQ GrillĀ manufacturers instruct the owners not to use aluminum foil as it can result in severe fire accident or damage on components.

You should try to remove the burners or disassemble the components of your BBQ, only if you surely know how to fix it back or assemble them properly. Improper assembly could increase the risk factors. It is better to avoid using high-pressure cleaners as it can damage the components and gas lines. Now let look into the list of things to do.

You should clean the grill when it is warm. This helps you have the bigger food residues removed without much stress. Should ensure that grill is turned off and the BBQ is not so hot. You can use your dishwasher to clean most of the components of your BBQ. You can instantly clean the grease drip tray by lining the tray with aluminum foil and then filling it with grease absorbent. Leave it for some time and then remove the aluminum foil, resulting in a clean tray.

Cover the hotplates with Teflon grill sheets to make cleaning easier. This grill sheets can be purchased at most BBQ stores. If your BBQ uses lava rocks, then replace once in every year, instead of cleaning them regularly. You should thoroughly clean a BBQ at least once in a year. Read the care and maintenance instruction in your BBQ to find out more details. Always preheat the BBQ every time before you use it. This helps to make cleaning and maintenance easier.